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Casablanca Video TBA Calgary ph.403.240.3472

Update Dec 26, 2016

At present we are still in storage, and I am working on finding financing to reopen. We are looking at costs from $50K toi $75K to reopen with renovations, signage, and staffing for set up 2 to 3 weeks. Once we reopen our doors all costs of wages and operation are covered by customers, we are sustainable. With most of our 80,000+ collection that are in dvd form but not available on line we are the only place in which you can rent these movies in Canada.

We love being of service to our community of Calgary and I am doing everything I can to reopen. If you know of someone that would like to invest we are offering 5% interest on loans. And will pay back within a year and have a business plan for the next 3 years in which you can have the details of the how and why's of the business. At this time I personally invested all my retirement funds to make the move to the MacLeod Trail location in which we moved out of last March 15 because of complications of that location. I invested over $70K in that move in which the 6 months we were located there gave no opportunity to make that back. So I now sit in a catch 22. Once open I can make money in storage no access as it takes over 3000 sq ft to unpack the ton of movies ( yes they weigh in at 1 ton). Let us know if you can help us reopen.

In order to raise money to renovate and build the screening room as well as purchase all those New movies that have been released over our time down, we are doing an in house fund raisier. Once the store is reopen this offer is over....we usually only give stamp cards to earn free rentals....because we want to give our customers the best pricing possible when all our costs of living has been rising up we are trying to maintain our pricing. This is a Thank You for all of you that continue to support us. We are working on it and if everything works now in our favour then we will be open before Dec.

Here is the offer to pre-purchase movie rentals (can be used for any New release or Weekly rental): 

$20 = 5 rentals ($4 each)

$20 rentals

$50 = 13 rentals ( $3.85 each)

$50 rentals

$100 = 27 rentals ( $3.70 each)


$100 rental

$1000 = 300 rentals ( $3.32 each)

$1000 rental

We will contact you once payment is received with a receipt and a card will be made up for you with your name and kept on file to use at the store as well as tracking on our computer. Thank you.

Are rates are New Releases Bluray=$6 DVD=$5.50

weekly rentals all=$4.75 each or 3 for $12

If you don't want to use PAYPAL:

How it works you phone with a credit card process this and email you a receipt. Email you can also transfer via e-transfer from your bank account.

Please don't email credit card numbers please phone 403-293-4952 secure land line.

What we do once processed is make a card on file in which we will keep under your name and punch it as you use it and keep all your rentals receipts with your signature so that we make sure you only use it unless you authorize it. It will be valid for 1 year on our opening and if you require more as in the 300 we are flexible with expiration time.

We are also going to offer soon a chance to invest $1000 or more and receive 5% interest a year. We are still working on the details and will let you know the structure of this.

  Our are reopening Fall of 2015. We are looking for a place to open the store somewhere with Deerfoot access and LRT.  We have been busy looking at a number of places. We require around the 4,000 square feet. Because we started to require more space at the MacLeod Tr store. As in the 6 months we were there we added to our collection about 10,000 more dvd's. We have space for a small screening room in which we can do classes, discussions and just watch movies together. We will keep you posted to what is going on.  Our telephone number is still the same and will keep a message posted on it as well. 

We are still filling Special orders if you want to buy a movie leave details and will research and get back to you with a price and then arrange a place so that you can get your movies. If you have ordered and still waiting for them to come in I will phone and get the movies to you. Thank You for your support and letting me know that people want more choices and watch what they want when they want.

 One thing I have found from moving, that we have a Ton of movies!!! They weigh in at 1 TON....approx 80,000 movies.....Calgary has access to more movies than Netflix.